Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The Battle for Conservatism

Mitt Romney's Presidential efforts suffered through a difficult December. Throughout the month references all over the web (and eventually in the MSM) were made to his "evolution" on conservative touch-stone issues, from gay marriage to abortion. But starting shortly after Christmas, with the Massachusetts' Supreme Judicial Court's opinion in Doyle v. Secretary of the Commonwealth (which Romney had championed), the subsequent vote that advanced the proposed state constitutional amendment on gay marriage, and the announcement this week that he had "raised commitments" of$6.5M for his Presidential campaign, Romney looked like he had turned the page on 2006.

But this morning, a carefully edited video of portions of Romney's 1994 debate against Ted Kennedy was apparently posted on YouTube, and has quickly circulated through the liberal blogs. It's one thing to read Romney's words, it's quite another to see him on screen.

With Bill Frist, Rick Santorum, and George Allen (all seen, once upon a time, as potential conservative standard-bearers) out from the 2008 race, Romney has been fine-tuning his appeal to the GOP 'base.' But it seems that someone is trying to make sure that these 'base' voters are made aware of Romney's not-as-conservative past, including some comments distancing himself from icon Ronald Reagan. The good news for Romney: he's getting people worried. And it's quite early in the process for this type of material (which is probably among the "best" anti-Romney video available) to surface.

Query: which GOP front-runner would have reason to fear a candidate who received the unwaivering support of conservative Republican primary voters?

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