Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Gore's Popularity

The "Draft Al Gore" theme has been making more recent appearances in the press recently. And many observers on the "coasts" expect him to get a bounce on Academy Awards night, when "An Inconvenient Truth" is up for an Oscar.

However, recent Quinnipiac University polls in both Florida and Ohio - crucial swing states - indicate that Gore's popularity among voters in those states, at least, is not high. Key numbers from a write up of the poll:
Gore is in a little better shape with the November electorate, but not enough to consider him electable. In Quinnipiac's surveys he was 41-percent favorable, 50 percent unfavorable in Ohio; 46 percent favorable, 47 percent unfavorable in Florida.

Not good for a man whose argument (esp. vis-a-vis Hillary) would be about "electability."

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