Friday, February 23, 2007

Progress in Iraq?

A positive report out of Iraq broadcast this morning on, of all places, NPR. Former Assistant Secretary of Defense (under Reagan) and former Marine Bing West, just returned from a month-long trip to Iraq (his 11th trip to Iraq in the past four years), and argues that three separate wars are going on:
1. One in Al-Anbar province with the local tribes (aligned with the US, because of the attacks Al Queda has made against local tribal leaders) against Al Queda;
2. Shiites vs. Sunni in Baghdad; and
3. Al Queda attacks against the US in Baghdad (and elsewhere).

He sees the professional class in Iraq willing to engage and ask for assistance from the US troops (the only who can be trusted) as a sign that we (the US) is making progress. While West does not say why he was in Iraq in the first place, he is the first positive report in quite a while - it's worth a listen.

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