Friday, March 16, 2007

Friday Afternoon Thoughts

This entry is cross-posted on TNR's site, Posting Up:

-- UNLV eliminated GA Tech a little while ago. Bad end-of-game for GA Tech, which ran out of timeouts with 2:19 left, and proceeded to allow UNLV to outhustle them for 3 straight offensive rebounds on a possession with about a minute left and score tied. Positive of the game: Billy Packer was obligated to congratulate Mountain West's Rebs at the expense of the ACC. Another mid-major moves on.

-- Quick addition to Josh's laugh-out-loud-funny post from Monday:

Alberto Gonzales Method: Make picks normally. Obtain numbers for court-side phones for each Tournament site. If one of your picks is losing, call court-side phone during TV timeouts to 'check in' on officials. If losing at halftime, utilize little known provision of USA Patriot Act to replace entire officiating crew.

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