Saturday, March 24, 2007

More on Packer

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Classic Billy Packer moment last night: Late in the UNC game, CBS ran a replay that showed that Georgetown's Jeff Green traveled not once, but twice, on the score with 2.5 seconds left (once when he lifted his right foot while pivoting, once again when he lifted it as he stepped through to shoot). Packer, who had not raised the travel issue at all while calling the game, responded by saying that (a) he wasn't sure that there was any travel, and (b) he would have to check with (head of officials) Hank Nichols to be sure.

UNC's comeback was surprising, but not stunning. While USC was much quicker and more athletic, UNC coach Roy Williams kept changing lineups in search of the right combination, and also wearing USC down. When Taj Gibson went off the floor with his fourth foul, USC went through almost 8 minutes without scoring; but with the shots that USC was taking (off-balance, long range), there was no reason for them to go in.

Picks for the weekend: UCLA, Memphis, Georgetown, and Florida.

--Matthew Henshon

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