Sunday, March 18, 2007

Round of 32 Thoughts

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The Round of 32 is now over, and all but one ACC team has been sent home. While UNC is a definite threat to go to the Final Four, if not win it all, 2007 has not been a banner year for the conference that likes to consider itself the best in the country.

John: hoped you noticed that Tennessee's JaJuan Smith took your advice. With 2:32 left and the Vols clinging to a 64-62 lead over UVa, Smith launched from the top of the key--and banked(!) home a three-pointer. While Chris Lofton's free throws ultimately were the difference, Smith's bomb was critical.

Finally, a ranking of all how all four #1 seeds looked during Rounds 1 & 2 as we move towards the Sweet Sixteen:

1. Florida -- Put the hammer down on Jackson State, squeezed the life out of Purdue at crunch time. Seem to be able to turn it up when they need to. To beat the champ, you must knock him out.

2. Kansas -- Niagara's dream ended quickly. Jayhawks outclassed Kentucky all over the floor. That's not a typo.

3. UNC -- Unbelievably deep and athletic, but the big run by Eastern Kentucky and the fact that a thin Michigan State had them on the ropes at the 8:00 TV timeout raise some questions. Also, what happens if Hansbrough has foul problems (e.g. gets called for bowling people over near the hoop.)

4. The Ohio State University -- barely escaped the X-men. Can they stay this lucky?

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