Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Greatest Web Apps?

In this week's edition, Information Week's Charlie Babcock has chosen his list of the "12 best web applications of all time". Here's the list:

12. AOL Instant Messenger
11. Digg
10. Hotmail
9. World Of Warcraft
8. Wikipedia
7. XMLHttpRequest object set
5. eBay
4. The Well
3. Craigslist
2. AltaVista
1. Apache Web Server

A couple of points jump out. First, how many of these apps 'just missed' or were subsumed in other apps; AltaVista is the most prominent of these, and actually received its own sidebar to the main article. Also, the apps that are missing, including Paypal, peer-to-peer (Napster, et al.), and (of course) Netscape. But thought provoking, and well-done by Mr. Babcock.

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