Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Must-See NBA TV

With the Dallas Mavericks on the brink of elimination, its worth noting that less than one year ago, the same Mavs seemed on the verge of winning an NBA title, up 2-0 on the Heat. Presumptive MVP Dirk Nowitzki is rumored to be feuding with coach Avery Johnson. And Warrior Coach Don Nelson also looks to settle some scores with Dallas owner Mark Cuban.

If Golden State can close the door, this will join other memorable first-round upsets: 1994 Denver (42-40) over Seattle (63-19); 1984 NJ Nets (47-37) (behind Micheal Ray Richardson) over Philadelphia (52-30, defending NBA champs); and 1981 Houston (40-42) over Los Angeles (54-28, also defending champs). (Interestingly, the Celtics were the indirect beneficiaries of two of those upsets -- in 1981 and 1984 -- when they won the title.)

Good TV tonight.

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