Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Bloomberg Leaves GOP

In a move that has been widely predicted, Mayor Michael Bloomberg left the GOP yesterday to free himself from "rigid idealogy." Bloomberg, who made millions with his eponymous financial terminals, can self-fund a third-party campaign, and he is clearly leaving his options open.

Of course, being the second Mayor of New York in the race should provide some interesting contrasts, as well as a revisiting of Giuliani's record. It's also conceivable that the three leading contenders (NY Senator Hillary Clinton, Rudy, and a independent Bloomberg) all "hail" from New York.

On a more series note, the traditional parties appear to be at a cyclical low in terms of appeal to the "middle 20 yards" of American politics. New vehicles like Unity 08, coupled with an internet that continues to disperse political power away from Washington, could mean a much different political season next year.


Will Fogel, Unity08 Founder's Council said...

Thanks for posting about Unity08. Are you a member? What do you think?

Matt Henshon said...

Intriguing concept. There is going to be room for some sort of 'third way' in 2008, in part because of the fissures in the GOP coalition over the war and the Bush legacy.