Thursday, August 30, 2007

College Football Preview and Countdown (Final)

With the kickoff to the college football season just hours away, it's time to unveil the projected national champ:

#1 - Virginia Tech (currently #9 in the AP Poll)

The Hokies have been in the news a lot recently, including the tragic shootings this past spring, and of course, the off-the-field 'exploits' of this famous alum:

Key Game: Coach Beamer and the Lunchpailers will know early whether the Hokies can channel their emotions: September 8th @ LSU. Win, and the road to January 7th opens with only a Thursday Night (November 1st) game @ Ga. Tech standing in the way; lose, and the road seems much harder, including visits to Blacksburg by Fla State (Nov. 10th) and Miami (November 17th).

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