Saturday, September 1, 2007

The Heat is On

If you thought Michigan fans were dissatisfied with Lloyd Carr going into this season, then get ready for a virtual bonfire tonight and the rest of this week after a 34-32 loss to I-AA Appalachian State (while Division I-AA is now known as Football Championship Subdivision (FCS), it is still light-years from BCS/I-A; the phrase "former I-AA school, Appalachian State" implies that the Mountaineers have moved up to the main division, rather than merely a re-naming of the division).

What is amazing about the victory is that the Mountaineers blew a two touchdown lead (28-14, late in the first half), put a two-minute drill together in the fourth quarter to re-take the lead at 34-32, and then blocked a field goal (for the second time in the fourth quarter) to preserve the win.

The last big-time coach to lose to a I-AA school (Jack Crowe of Arkansas, after a loss to The Citadel in 1992). Carr had best defeat Ohio State in November.

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