Friday, December 14, 2007


The late Will McDonough, former Globe reporter and columnist, had a long memory, and a sharp wit. For years he referred to Roger Clemens, as the "Texas Con Man." Wonder what Ol' Will would say about the news yesterday in the Mitchell Report that Clemens was apparently a steroid user, beginning shortly after he left Boston?

For that matter, wonder what Dan Duquette is feeling this morning? He famously declared that Clemens was in the "twilight of his career" in Clemens left for Toronto in 1996.

For the record, here are Clemens' key stats from the period 1995-1998:

1995 (Age 32): 10-5 W-L, 4.18 ERA, 140 IP, 132 K

1996 (Age 33): 10-13, 3.63 ERA, 242.2 IP, 257 K

1997 (Age 34): 21-7, 2.05 ERA, 264 IP, 292 K

1998 (Age 35): 20-6, 2.65 ERA, 234.2 IP, 271 K

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