Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Debate We REALLY Want to See

Hillary Clinton has taken to defending her husband's (un-Presidential, to some) conduct on the campaign trail with a variation on 'everyone's-doing-it':

[From Monday's South Carolina Debate]

CLINTON: Now, I just -- I just want to be clear about this. In an editorial board with the Reno newspaper, you said two different things, because I have read the transcript. You talked about Ronald Reagan being a transformative political leader. I did not mention his name.

OBAMA: Your husband did.

CLINTON: Well, I'm here. He's not. And...

OBAMA: OK. Well, I can't tell who I'm running against sometimes.


CLINTON: Well, you know, I think we both have very passionate and committed spouses who stand up for us. And I'm proud of that.

It's true that all three spouses are 'passionate' and 'committed', but only one has the megaphone of being a former POTUS.

So, while there's a debate next week at the Kodak Theatre in Los Angeles among the three remaining candidates (Hillary, Obama, and Edwards), there's still time to schedule a debate among the Democractic spouses:

Now that would be Must-See-TV.

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