Monday, January 14, 2008

Rajon Rondo for MVP?

The dog days of the NBA schedule have come on the Celtics quickly.

After impressive win over the Pistons in Detroit, the Cs have now lost 3 of the last 4, including back-to-back losses to the Wizards. The loss tonight to Washington was especially demoralizing, with the Ws ending on a 25-6 run.

The missing piece? It may be Rajon Rondo, who injured his back last week, did not play Saturday night, and was tentative in the 21 minutes he did play. Eddie House is clearly not the answer at point guard during crunch time.

The Wizards, meanwhile, have continued to impress even without Agent Zero, Gilbert Arenas. In the last 21 games, since Arenas went out with a knee, the Wizards have re-tooled and won 14 of those 21, and at 20-16, they have the 4th best record in the conference.

At that rate, they would theoretically play the Cs in the second round.

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