Friday, February 15, 2008

Funny...and Things That Make You Go "Hmmm"

Congressman Rahm Emanuel is known as being one of the savviest pols in Washington. Last night (February 14th) he spoke at the Washington Press Club Dinner. A few of the best one liners, from someone in attendance:

* “Since it’s Valentine’s Day, I want to mention a woman who’s here with me tonight and the love of my life — Nancy Pelosi.”

* “I tell my wife I love her — she says I’m likable enough.”

* “Valentine’s Day is when Dick Cheney fantasizes about waterboarding.”

* Of the Clinton Days: “Back then, stimulus and package had a whole different meaning.”

* ”I’ve spent more alone time with Bill than Hillary.”

* On fellow speaker John Cornyn: “If you called central casting and asked to send a senator, they’d send you, John. If you asked for a terrorist, they’d send me.”

* Fred Thompson: “He had an interesting take on No Child Left Behind. He married one.”

* Rudy Giuliani: “He bypassed Iowa. He bypassed New Hampshire. He bypassed 2008!”

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