Friday, March 14, 2008

More Greg Craig

Greg Craig sat down with National Journal today to further discuss his "Hillary-Clinton-is-overstating-her-foreign-policy-experience" memo (blogged previously here).

Craig covered much of the same ground in the NJ interview, although he is careful in his use of language:

Q: So let's just put this on a scale of one to 10 here. Are we talking exaggeration, or are we talking about something more serious, such as not being truthful?

Craig: Well, I think it's exaggeration. It's inflated résumé. It's in that category. I think she is misleading the American public on the nature of her experience.
But again, no one is seeming to pick up on the full Craig resume. The NJ interviewer describes him as follows:
He is a Washington attorney and a senior adviser to the Barack Obama campaign. And he was, back in the Bill Clinton administration, the assistant to the president and special counsel and at that time a senior foreign policy adviser to President Clinton's administration.
But here's what the New York Times wrote in 1998:
Mr. Craig knew President Clinton from his days at Yale, and was close enough to Hillary Rodham Clinton that she turned over space in her suite of offices to him when he agreed to join the defense team.
A criminal lawyer and onetime Hill staff member who was most recently a senior State Department official, Mr. Craig bargained hard for authority before he accepted the White House job, insisting that he would report directly to the President, White House officials said.

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