Sunday, March 23, 2008

There Are No Cinderellas...

Others have also noticed the resurgence of the Big East, and especially the 1985 Final Four; the end of the Georgetown-era of Big East dominance is featured prominently in the above ad for Nike's JumpMan23 label.

The rebirth of Georgetown's program, under the watchful eyes of FOAP John Thompson III, is a prominent part of the ad; can anyone remember a journalist ever reporting on a G-town practice during the Hoya Paranoia days? Let alone allowing Nike to film a clip -- no matter how brief.

The ad, coupled with this week's old-school-style-SI profile in this week's Sports Illustrated by (another) FOAP Alex Wolff, means that JTIII appears to be ready to burst into the national consciousness.

For four years -- which corresponded with the height of the Georgetown Era (Part I) -- what was good for the Hoyas was good for college basketball.

All that stands between a return to the glory days is a thin sharpshooter named Stephen Curry.

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Jon Solomon said...

For whatever it is worth, that's a staged Georgetown practice. I read somewhere (Washington Times, perhaps?) that the players Coach Thompson is overseeing are from Howard University, wearing Hoya uniforms.

When I asked Coach Thompson at the Big East Tournament what he thought of the ad he said with a laugh that there weren't enough shots of him.