Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Who's Afraid of Texas?

Not the Celtics, who beat the Spurs on Monday night, and stopped the Rockets' 22-game winning last night.

The Spurs win was particularly impressive, as the Celtics dug out from both a 20-point deficit in the first half (the Spurs opened the game on fire) to tie and briefly take the lead in the third, and then a 7-point deficit with 8:04 to play in the fourth quarter.

KG, who kept Tim Duncan in check (10 points), dodged a bullet when he turned the ball over on the inbounds play with 2 seconds left after a Spurs score. Robert Horry missed the open 3 that would have won the game, even though the Spurs had a time-out to spare.

Last night, the Celtics dominated defensively, especially in the third, where they outscored the Rockets 32-16.

Back-to-back wins (on consecutive nights) without G Ray Allen means that the Celtics are sending a message to the Western Conference.

They are in Dallas tomorrow night.

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