Sunday, March 30, 2008

Would Davidson Have Been an At Large?

Interesting sidelight into the Davidson run: although the Wildcats were 20-0 in the Southern Conference, they were merely #35 on the RPI (#20 on the Pomeroy). (Ken Pomeroy needs a shout-out -- he was all over Davidson's chances from the beginning, by the way, describing them as 'big-confernce-style basketball')

Davidson played just eight games outside of the SoCon, and were 2-6, albeit with losses to UNC (home), Duke (home), and UCLA (in Anaheim). Other, less-impressive out-of-conference losses included Western Michigan, Charlotte, and NC State.

More important, a loss in the SoCon Tournament to Wofford (#195) or Elon (#210) would have meant that the Wildcats (with a significantly worse RPI rating) would have been dying as Georgia won the SEC; they were by no means locks to go as an 'at-large' team.

But all's well that ends well, as far as the NCAA Selection Committee is concerned.

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