Monday, March 30, 2009

A Newsy Weekend in Durham

A lot of news involving Duke basketball over the weekend, not all of it positive:

* On Thursday night, the current team was exposed by a tougher, more physical Villanova group that is now headed to the Final Four. Coach K's season, which began with a bang in Beijing, went with another quiet exit in the Sweet Sixteen; it is has now been five seasons since Duke advanced beyond the Second Round.

* Former Duke basketball player Rick Wagoner also had a difficult weekend: apparently further government funding for GM was conditioned on his resignation, which occurred last night.

* But the future may be brighter for Duke: last night it was also reported that Seth Curry -- the younger brother of Stephen -- has transferred to Duke from Liberty University, having met with Coach K yesterday. The younger Curry led all freshman in scoring with a 20.3 ppg average; he will have to wait until 2010-11 to be eligible to play.

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