Thursday, March 19, 2009

Unbeatable Records

South Carolina Coach Darrin Horn finished his first season as head coach of the Gamecocks with a home loss to Davidson.

Previously, Horn had been head coach at Western Kentucky, where he also played on a Hilltopper team that reached the Sweet 16 in 1993.

While Horn was a good, but not great, player (coaches tend to be), he does hold one curious record that almost surely will never be broken: he is the only player in WKU history to score the team's first points in each of his four seasons.

As a practical matter, this record can only date to 1972, when freshman eligibility was allowed for basketball. But as a practical matter, it is a record that could be broken in the rarest of circumstances: a medical redshirt player who starts -- and starts the scoring -- in five straight seasons.

In the meantime, Horn seems to have the mark all to himself.

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