Tuesday, August 7, 2007

The End of an Era

The short, unhappy life (or at least Red Sox career) of Willie Mo Pena is in its apparent death throes as the outfielder has cleared waivers, and can be traded to any other team before the end of the month. With the signing of Bobby Kielty to a minor league deal -- but one that allows him to opt out if not promoted within a week -- the writing was on the wall for Pena.

The Sox apparently tried to move Pena at the trading deadline, but could find no takers. Now, the outfielder will probably attract a prospect (read: unknown talent) or two, at most. Although in possession of unquestioned power, Pena never found a place in Boston; he is playing tonight in a likely attempt to 'showcase' his ability.

Although the final chapter will not be set unless and until Pena moves, here's the way it looks tonight:
2006 24 BOS AL 84G 276AB 36R 83H 15 2B 2 3B 11HR 42RBI 20BB 90K .301BA .349OBP .489SLG
2007 25 BOS AL 68G 147AB 17R 32H 8 2B 1 3B 5HR 16RBI 13BB 55K .218BA .290OBP .388SLG

2006 29 CIN NL 14W 11L 35G 3CG 1SO 240.7IP 222H 98R 88ER 31HR 64BB 184K 3.29ERA 1.188WHIP
2007 30 CIN NL 4W 12L 23G 1CG 0SO 141.0IP 157H 83R 74ER 14HR 48BB 99K 4.72ERA 1.454WHIP
In 2006, Arroyo also finished 23rd in MVP voting, and was an All-Star.

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