Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Sniper Fire from the MSM

The Obama campaign has been trying to get observers in the MSM to unpack Hillary Clinton's 'experience' argument for the past few weeks -- ever since the aftermath of Texas/Ohio -- without much success. Greg Craig's memo was not really echoed, and even Sinbad's (the comedian) comments on the USO trip to Bosnia was pretty much ignored.

But when the MSM went back and reviewed its own video of the then-First Lady's trip to Bosnia in 1996, which she recounted in a speech last week, the proverbial 'worm' has turned. While the Clintons had a sketched out a path to the nomination (albeit risky), the press this week has been writing the it's-all-over-but-the-margin-of-victory stories.

After a bad week for Barack Obama and Rev. Wright, it's Hillary's turn to be roasted in the YouTube universe. And the Clintons' argument that she is getting a raw deal from the press can't stand up to the video.

As Richard Pryor once said, in a different context: “Who you gonna believe, baby — me, or your lyin’ eyes?”

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